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Edwina MarkHansen

Posted on May 02 2019

          In a country where everyone is trying to make profit off their friends or family misfortune, treating acne or blackspots gets very hard/difficult. People end up falling victims to numerous advertisements on 'how to treat acne' or 'clear blackspots' simply because they are impatient and hurriedly want to get rid of what makes them feel uncomfortable and less confident of themselves.

          One thing I  learnt is all these products that say 'clear up acne in 5 days' 'clear up dark spots in 1week' only prey on your intelligence and take advantage of the fact that you are desperate, feel insecure and uncomfortable if your imperfections. Such products only clear up then after some days its back to square one or they don't work and you are on to the next one without giving your skin the chance to heel from the harsh nature of the previous products.

         Truth being told treating acne/blackspots takes a lot of patience and self will, also knowing the type of skin you have is very necessary before using a product once or for your facial routine.

          I used to think products that do not show progress while using in the first week or second do not actually work, because of the mentality put in our heads by these phony skincare companies. lets ask ourselves this question; HOW MANY NAME BRAND SKINCARE COMPANIES IN THE USA OR UK DO WE SEE ADVERTISE THEIR PRODUCTS AS ' CLEAR DARK SPOTS IN 5 DAYS' OR 'GET RID OF ACNE IN 1 WEEK' ?. Your answer is the same as mine, they don't.

         After answering that question, i decided to give these long taking working products a shot, I figured out what skin type i had, which made it easy choosing what works for me. I put together a routine, had patience and watched the products do its work. I was amazed at the results because i was patient and consistent with my routine.

        One thing we also need to understand is what may work for another may not work for you, hence the importance of knowing your skin type and understanding your skin. However, knowing that someone has used a product and was successful also helps you a lot especially if you have same skin types.

        Always look out for products with very good reviews 'REAL REVIEWS'. Be ready to spend to achieve a smooth and flawless skin but don't be deceived by the phony ones who would intentionally sell products at high prices to portray their quality.

I hope you enjoyed this write up and learnt something that would help your next decision when picking a good product.

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